Weekly Bulletin


2019 7 21 Announcement, Thanksgiving & Prayer Items

  1. Our summer meeting schedule remains the same for all fellowships, except OSU Fellowship prayer meeting meets at the same time Tuesday instead of Wednesday. And Thursday Jubilee Fellowship starts meeting in the summer. Please check with group leaders if any questions.
  2. There is an “Amy in Concert”, a free event excellent for all believers and non-believers, please see the following:
  3. Volunteers needed today after lunch for a few hours to help setting up CEF children summer program. Please contact Li Cheng if any question.
  4. Church 2019 retreat is scheduled 8/9-11, please register with Jimmy or Alex if you have not yet.
  5. Pray for the safety and security of all summertime travel and activities.


July 2019

Monthly Budget 每月預算($) 11,363.33
Total Last Week 上週奉獻($) 4,376.00
Total this Month 本月累積($) 4,376.00

Electronic giving donation to church:

  • Our church (Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis, CCCC) accepts electronic giving through Zelle
  • Registered email address for CCCC: ccccoregon@gmail.com
  • To use Zelle for donation to CCCC, your bank needs to be partnering with Zelle. For a complete list of Zelle partners, please see: www.zellepay.com/get-started

Sunday Service Schedule

July 2019

DateSpeakerInterpreter(s)Worship LeaderMusician Worship/PrayerLunch CoordinatorBulletin CoordinatorSlide ShowNotes
19/7/7Pastor Frank Ni (English)Minjie Zhu (Chinese)Tegan WeaverAudrey Au/ Yongling HuangCheng LiXisheng WangVeronica Dang
19/7/14Pastor Frank Ni (Chinese)Zhuqing Zhang (English)Jimmy YangYongling HuangCheng LiXisheng WangVeronica DangCommunion
19/7/21Pastor Frank Ni (English)Zhongliang Xie (Chinese)Aslan ChenYongling HuangCheng LiXisheng WangVeronica Dang
19/7/28Alex Chang (Chinese)Cheng Li (English)Tegan WeaverAudrey Au / Yongling HuangCheng LiXisheng WangVeronica Dang

Sunday School Teaching Schedule


Class Textbook Teachers
Middle School (Youth) Scripture Press Scott Weaver, Leanne Lai, Angela So
Upper Elementary Teacher led Imelda Weaver, Minjie Zhu, Yujing Zhang
Lower Elementary Scripture Press Angela So, Tingyu Wang, Zhuqing Zhang, Fangfang Huang
Preschool  Teacher led Liping Ding, Chin-Ling Ho, Jason/Janet Marquardt, and other parents