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2022 8 7 Announcement, Thanksgiving & Prayer Items



  • As we have shared our church new vision last Sunday: “Post-Pandemic, New CCCC”, Church encourage everyone to experience first-hand the Holy Spirit, and find your calling and purpose in this new era, ready to serve in new capacity and new ministry.
  • Please mark your calendar 8/21 we’ll hold a mental health workshop conducted by Rita, a licensed psychology therapist, from 1:30 to 2:30, after our Sunday service followed by a simple pizza lunch, in person and Zoom 541-758-1111. Feel free to invite all those maybe interested as we face this challenging world feel unsupported.
  • We are keeping the incense burning in the tabernacle everyday by continuing 2022 our daily half-an-hour prayer session to guard and cover all church members. We encourage everyone to stand guard on duty at least once a week when it’s your fellowship group’s turn. Currently, we have Mandarin group on 6:30 pm Sundays, College group 8:30 pm Mondays, English group 7 pm Tuesdays, whole church regular prayer meeting 7 pm Wednesdays, Youth Group 7:30 pm Thursdays, Grace group 8:30 pm Fridays, and Graduate/Professional group 8 pm Saturdays. For all meetings, we use Zoom ID: 541-758-2222, no passcode needed.
  • Our Sunday worship service is in a hybrid format on 11:45, in person on site and Zoom/YouTube streaming. Depending on your preference, everyone is free to choose whichever format best benefit him/her. Also we invite everyone stay after the service, in person or via Zoom, for a fellowship.  CCCC Zoom meeting ID: 541-758-1111. The URL link: Click here
  • All other fellowship meetings and gatherings meeting format please check with your group leader.
  • 主日早上11:45 在 YouTube 点击这里进入直播 。



August 2022

Monthly Budget 每月預算 ($) 11,363.33
Total Last Week 上週奉獻 ($) 600.00
Total this Month 本月累積 ($) 600.00

Electronic giving donation to church:

  • Our church (Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis, CCCC) accepts electronic giving through Zelle
  • Registered email address for CCCC: ccccoregon@gmail.com
  • To use Zelle for donation to CCCC, your bank needs to be partnering with Zelle. For a complete list of Zelle partners, please see: www.zellepay.com/get-started

How to Give to Church When We Could Not Meet Personally

  • Mail a check to church:
    • What about bill pay? It’s essentially the same as mailing a check, please use the same address:

Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis

PO Box 2727, Corvallis, OR 97339

  • Through Zelle, if your bank is a partner
    • Use our registered email: ccccoregon@gmail.com
    • Bank to bank direct transaction, no fee is required
  • Through PayPal Giving Fund
    • Our church Giving Fund page: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/1453207
    • PayPal covers all fees; funds available within 15-45 days of donation.
    • You can choose to share your name and email along with donation; you can choose not to.
    • For tax return purposes, this is a donation to PayPal Giving Fund, not to CCCC.
    • There is no comment box. If you want the fund to direct to a specific use, please contact me (ZZ) or use other methods of donation.


Sunday Service Schedule

August 2022

Date (日期)Speaker (講員)Interpreter    (翻譯)Worship (敬拜)Announcement (本月報告)Slide Show (投影設備)Bulletin Coordinator (週報)Note (註記)
2022-08-07 倪牧師 (英文)忠良(中文)Katrina惠珍禹君Veronica
2022-08-14 倪牧師 (中文)竹青(英文)金玲惠珍禹君VeronicaCommunion (聖餐)
2022-08-21 Mike Riken (英文)丹瑛(中文)Leanne惠珍禹君VeronicaMentor Health Workshop
2022-08-28 Peter Dodds (英文)金玲(中文)Anabel惠珍禹君Veronica

Sunday School Teaching Schedule


Class Textbook Teachers
Middle School (Youth) Scripture Press  –
Upper Elementary Teacher led  –
Lower Elementary Scripture Press
Preschool  Teacher led