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2020 11 22 Announcement, Thanksgiving & Prayer Items

万物的结局近了… 最要紧的是彼此切实相爱 (1 Peter 4:7-8)

  • 主日:主日改为线上进行,星期日早上10:30准时直播,请通过教会网站获取链接: http://www.ccc-corvallis.org/2018/sunday-message/.  CCCC Zoom meeting will remain open, meeting ID: 541-758-1111. The URL link: Click here
  • Thanksgiving baptism date: 11/29 Sunday. If you’re interested proclaiming your faith in public please contact Pastor Frank.
  • 周间各小组团契:教会鼓励所有小组继续聚会,各组组长保持和组员的联系。
  • 以上变动由即日生效。请大家密切通过网站邮件及微信留意教会第一时间的通知,以便获取最新信息。望大家一同在瘟疫蔓延时,兴起发光,让神的荣耀照耀全地!



Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends:

The end of all things is near… Above all, love each other deeply… (1 Peter 4:7-8)Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. Subject to authorities. Do not fear. Do not give up meeting together.

  • Sunday Service: The meeting will start at 11:45am ONLINE through YouTube. You can Click here to join the Worship. CCCC Zoom meeting will remain open, meeting ID: 541-758-1111. The URL link:Click here
  • Thanksgiving baptism date: 11/29 Sunday. If you’re interested proclaiming your faith in public please contact Pastor Frank.
  • All the above changes take effect immediately. Please pay close attention to your emails/church website/WeChat/text messages for any updates or announcements.

May we all arise and shine amidst the pestilence, and the splendor of the LORD shine upon His church.

——— CCCC in COVID-19


November 2020

Monthly Budget 每月預算($) 11,363.33
Total Last Week 上週奉獻($) 1,280.00
Total this Month 本月累積($) 7,380.00

JoAnn missionary library supply request list: click here

To support JoAnn’s ministry in Malawi for a transportation vehicle, make your donation to CCCC with memo: Malawi Mission.

Mike & Rebecka mission trip fundraising spreadsheet: Click here

Electronic giving donation to church:

  • Our church (Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis, CCCC) accepts electronic giving through Zelle
  • Registered email address for CCCC: ccccoregon@gmail.com
  • To use Zelle for donation to CCCC, your bank needs to be partnering with Zelle. For a complete list of Zelle partners, please see: www.zellepay.com/get-started

How to Give to Church When We Could Not Meet Personally

  • Mail a check to church:
    • What about bill pay? It’s essentially the same as mailing a check, please use the same address:

Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis

PO Box 2727, Corvallis, OR 97339

  • Through Zelle, if your bank is a partner
    • Use our registered email: ccccoregon@gmail.com
    • Bank to bank direct transaction, no fee is required
  • Through PayPal Giving Fund
    • Our church Giving Fund page: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/1453207
    • PayPal covers all fees; funds available within 15-45 days of donation.
    • You can choose to share your name and email along with donation; you can choose not to.
    • For tax return purposes, this is a donation to PayPal Giving Fund, not to CCCC.
    • There is no comment box. If you want the fund to direct to a specific use, please contact me (ZZ) or use other methods of donation.


Sunday Service Schedule

November 2020

DateSpeakerInterpreter(s)Worship LeaderAnnouncementBulletin CoordinatorNotes
November 1, 2020Pastor Frank Ni (English)Zhongliang Xie (Chinese)Liping DingZhuqing ZhangXisheng Wang
November 8, 2020Pastor Frank Ni (Chinese)Zhuqing Zhang (English)Leanne LaiZhuqing ZhangXisheng WangCommunion
November 15, 2020JoAnn     (English)Minjie Zhu  (Chinese)Qiang LiZhuqing ZhangXisheng Wang
November 22, 2020 Pastor Frank Ni (Chinese)Anabel Chang (English)Jimmy YangZhuqing ZhangXisheng Wang
November 29, 2020Pastor Frank Ni (English)Chinling Ho (Chinesse)Fangfang HuangZhuqing ZhangXisheng Wang

Sunday School Teaching Schedule


Class Textbook Teachers
Middle School (Youth) Scripture Press  Leanne Lai, Angela So
Upper Elementary Teacher led  Minjie Zhu, Yujing Zhang
Lower Elementary Scripture Press Angela So, Tingyu Wang, Zhuqing Zhang, Fangfang Huang
Preschool  Teacher led Liping Ding, Chin-Ling Ho, Jason/Janet Marquardt, and other parents