Weekly Bulletin


2023 3 26 Announcement, Thanksgiving & Prayer Items

  • Praise the Lord from today on our church will be able to meet at 10:45 am regularly every Sunday.. We value and treasure the privilege and we ask everyone excise our maximum courtesy and professionalism by doing the following whenever possible:  a) Don’t use main parking lot, leave it for FBC specially their elderly. There should be plenty space on street parking, lot across the 9th Street and on the 5th street library. b) Don’t use the main parking lot entrance, use the entrance on the 9th Street instead, and no matter how late it is remained open. C) Don’t let sanctuary be distracted by our sound or noise, youngsters running etc.  We wish our relationship not hindered in any fashion or manner and therefore we ask everyone be courdual and considerable to FBC our host.
  • If possible we also invite everyone come a little early enjoy hot tea & coffee so that we can start worship on time 10:45.. If any question or you can help serving please contact Yang Ting.
  • Thanks and praises to God that our church now has a dedicated secretary, functioning as the centralized communication hub and logistic support center. We ask all fellowship group cc Sally Wu (sallydangyingwu@gmail.com 850-570-3297) in all of your communication and let her know all your logistic needs like reserve room. We’re grateful for her ministry and pray she be the blessing of our entire church.
  • On the Easter Sunday 4/9/23 we’ll hold our semi-annual baptismal service. If you’re interested or have any questions about the meaning of baptism please refer to your group leaders or Pastor Frank.
  • We are keeping the incense burning in the tabernacle everyday by continuing 2023 our daily half-an-hour prayer session to guard and cover all church members. We encourage everyone to stand guard on duty at least once a week when it’s your fellowship group’s turn. Currently, we have Mandarin group on 6:30 pm Sundays, College group 8:30 pm Mondays, English group 7 pm Tuesdays, whole church regular prayer meeting 7 pm Wednesdays, Youth Group 7:30 pm Thursdays, Grace group 8:30 pm Fridays, and Graduate/Professional group 8 pm Saturdays. For all meetings, we use Zoom ID: 541-758-2222, no passcode needed.
  • Our Sunday worship service is in a hybrid format on 10:45, in person on site and Zoom/YouTube streaming. Depending on your preference, everyone is free to choose whichever format best benefit him/her. Also we invite everyone stay after the service, in person or via Zoom, for a fellowship.  CCCC Zoom meeting ID: 541-758-1111. The URL link: Click here
  • All other fellowship meetings and gatherings meeting format please check with your group leader.
  • 主日早上11:45 在 YouTube 点击这里进入直播 。



March 2023

Monthly Budget 每月預算 ($) 11,363.33
Total Last Week 上週奉獻 ($) 500.00
Total this Month 本月累積 ($) 9503.33

Electronic giving donation to church:

  • Our church (Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis, CCCC) accepts electronic giving through Zelle
  • Registered email address for CCCC: ccccoregon@gmail.com
  • To use Zelle for donation to CCCC, your bank needs to be partnering with Zelle. For a complete list of Zelle partners, please see: www.zellepay.com/get-started

How to Give to Church When We Could Not Meet Personally

  • Mail a check to church:
    • What about bill pay? It’s essentially the same as mailing a check, please use the same address:

Chinese Christian Church of Corvallis

PO Box 2727, Corvallis, OR 97339

  • Through Zelle, if your bank is a partner
    • Use our registered email: ccccoregon@gmail.com
    • Bank to bank direct transaction, no fee is required
  • Through PayPal Giving Fund
    • Our church Giving Fund page: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/1453207
    • PayPal covers all fees; funds available within 15-45 days of donation.
    • You can choose to share your name and email along with donation; you can choose not to.
    • For tax return purposes, this is a donation to PayPal Giving Fund, not to CCCC.
    • There is no comment box. If you want the fund to direct to a specific use, please contact me (ZZ) or use other methods of donation.


Sunday Service Schedule

March 2023

Date (日期)Speaker (講員)Interpreter     (翻譯)Worship (敬拜)Announcement (本月報告)Microphone  (設備)Slideshow          (投影設備)Bulletin    (週報)Note (註記)
2023-03-05倪牧師 (英文)忠良(中文)金玲惠珍李強/ZeroSamuelVeronica
2023-03-12倪牧師 (中文)竹青 (英文)Leanne Lai惠珍李強/ZeroSamuelVeronicaCommunion (聖餐)
2023-03-19倪牧師 (英文)丹瑛(中文)Katrina惠珍李強/ZeroSamuel奕琳
2023-03-26倪牧師 (中文)Anabel (英文)Anabel惠珍李強/ZeroSamuel奕琳

Sunday School Teaching Schedule


Class Textbook Teachers
Middle School (Youth) Scripture Press  –
Upper Elementary Teacher led  –
Lower Elementary Scripture Press
Preschool  Teacher led